WOB Distillery – Authentic Design by Wolfram Ortner

In order to create something perfect, you have to live it. In this way, everything becomes simple and the quality is right. But Wolfram Ortner's demands are even higher: Each product must display its own distinct character, visible from its conception to the creation by hand and down to the artwork on the label.

  •     Fine distillates / distilled beverages and the Parfum de Vie in hand-blown flasks
  •     Hand-blown glass creations in the innovative WOB design
  •     Individual and beautiful presents, cigars and coffee

Handmade goods for finer living!

The sources of inspiration

The best ideas come in relaxed situations. Creative imagination results from the dynamic alternation of tension and relaxation, regeneration and stimulation. And for that, creative people have always used different stimulants to a sensible degree.
Well-tried and highly up-to-date are coffee and cigars.

  • We provide just that for the suitable environment.
  • Stylish accessories for the cigar connoisseur.
  • Everything around the espresso selected brandies for a spiritual partnership.

"Enjoy ‘The Spirit of WOB’, perhaps as a member of the Cigar Club as well!"

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