WOB Glass Design

Showpieces of glassmaker's art: handblown crystal glass from the traditional Austrian craft points to the future through unique design.

  • WOB glasses perfectly combine the beauty of form and function.
  • The fitting glass can always be on hand for precious brandy, wine, champagne, etc.
  • Numerous accessories provide decoration for the laid table.
The World-Spirits Glass

The World-Spirits Glass – for the big, wide world of spirits

In the beginning was the hand-crafted and hand-blown glass in the WOB design, as shapely as it was functional, tailor-made for wine, water, whisky etc. Top-quality, elegant products, which inevitably (had to) come at a price. This provided Wolfram Ortner with the challenge of coming up with the styling of a new spirits glass.

One WOB glass rarely comes alone

One WOB glass rarely comes alone

Along with the highly acclaimed glass manufacturers, Wolfram Ortner has established a WOB glass series on his own as niche products for connoisseurs and is annually extending this unique, handblown collection. First-class handwork and captivating function distinguish the glasses and accessories. Innovative creations complete the collection: the WOB-Havana DC ashtray for aficionados and the WOB wine cooler XL. 

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