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WOB Venti Anni - the VA Series by Wolfram Ortner

In 1989 Wolfram Ortner started distilling in the Nock-Land - from there on it was clear: "Specialisation in special cuvées and wooden cask ageing of spirits". Today he can look back on 30 years experience but not only on this point.

WOB Club Edition FB - and Co. in the Fat Bottle

Big bottles are a guaranteed eyecatcher and besides also practical if larger quantities are needed - be it at parties, in clubs or simply in a thirsty clique. In order to satisfy these special needs, Wolfram Ortner has expanded his "Drug Series" by the Club Edition FB - the Fat Bottle. Naturally it is a perfect present as well which one can enjoy for a long time!

Fine Christmas Presents from WOB

Fine Christmas Presents from WOB

Just in time for Christmas Wolfram Ortner has once again created some attactive and delightful presents.

The Aquavit (WOB from the Nock-Land Distillery is a brand new a tribute to „Nordic“ living culture. The Aquavit with 49.5% vol. alcohol is available in 0.5-litre bottles for 38.50 Euros. Especially for Christmas the Aquavit is also available as a present set in duet with a great salmon fillet for 61.90 Euros from the WOB Family.


New - WOBka

Wolfram Ortner's WOBka is distinguished by a clear profile. The grain contributes the terrific alcohol basis with a subtle sweetness, the clear water from the Nock-Land the freshness and pleasant drinking strength.

For mixing for the playful and creative - straight for the extravagant gourmet, as a duo or on a grand scale.

Wolfram Ortner

WOB 24 Karat

WOB 24 Karat: Wolfram Ortner’s jewel for 25th Anniversary

25 years of the distillery inspired Wolfram Ortner to a star-studded creation: WOB 24 Karat. The ten best vintages were selected for the shimmering symphony of an Apple-Barrique Blend of the last 25 years. These 10 carats of the blend are presented together with 14 carats of gold in the form of a pendant which adorns the attractive bottle in a gift box. The WOB Karat is also available in a pendant made from fine silver or copper.

Nock-Land Whisky Single Malt

The Whisky in Pin Stripe – now in a noble Cigar Box

There was once a fantastic Dominican cigar, the CIGAR DÖ WOB, presented in a noble cigar box . . . The Nock Land Whisky XV provides for the resurrection of the CDW: stylish cigar boxes as elegant packaging for two small gentlemen in pin stripe.

The posh duo – 200 ml each Single Malt and Single Malt Double Matured – is reserved for aficionados and friends of refined taste. Available only in this packaging unit (Corona, Double Corona, Torpedo and Robusto boxes) in a limited edition at the WOB Shop or at


WOB Drogen Serie

Wolfram Ortner's new "drugs": Breath-taking fragrance and design

Wolfram Ortner is seen as a trendsetter in the spirits industry – and rightly so. His product range reflects the authentic attitude of this "artist of life": from coffee and cigar distillates to essences, parfums de vie, perfumes and soaps. It goes without saying that this is all closely interlinked with intensive sensory training.

A special new addition has now joined the product spectrum: a "drugs range". To avoid any misunderstanding, it should be noted that this refers to the original meaning of the word: the drying of healing plants which have been processed to make them long-lasting and useful. These plants form the aromatic basis of the "big 4" from WOB: high-quality herbs and spices are produced according to traditional maceration and distillation processes, based on the natural instincts of the master distiller.

WOB Shots

WOB shots: the taste of spirits “reduced to the max”

Over the last few years, Wolfram Ortner has dedicated himself to “alchemy” when it comes to the manufacturing of high-quality distillates. He has redefined the production of “drugs” (spirits made from dried medicinal herbs and spices) and now produces trendy new products each year by distilling pure alcohol and so-called botanicals. Ortner’s latest coup: the WOB shot series. It is characterised by its highly concentrated alcohol-based flavours and the drinks can be enjoyed as a long drink or straight on their own.

The idea: an explosion of flavours and aromas with very little alcohol.

The practice: a few drops of the shot form the flavoursome basis for a perfect aperitif or long drink. Ideal for those who want less alcohol but more flavour than just pure water.

The shots unleash an “explosion of flavour” on the palate when served straight with an ice cube.

The WOB shots are taking the bar scene by storm when it comes to new trends for mixing drinks, all based on the motto of: “Courage is now available to buy!”

Two concepts:

Destillerie Wolfram Ortner - Evergreen distillates and drugs

In 1989, Wolfram Ortner planted the highest vineyard on Carinthian soil at 1,000 metres above sea level. In order to have a product available for his vineyard's investors right from the beginning, he began to produce fine distillates. This desperate measure turned into a business in itself, ambitiously run and with the goal of continually improving the products. The pursuit of perfection led to extraordinary products: coffee and cigar distillates, essences, Parfum de Vie, Mariage (a blend of Nock-Land whisky and fruit distillates), WOB shots such as Sin:it or Lav:it (concentrated, alcohol-based aromas, for long drinks or to enjoy neat - only a few drops are enough for a taste bud sensation), WOB 24 Karat (a powerful fruit-wood composition), WOBka (a vodka with a distinctive Nock-Land profile), and the aquavit from the range of WOB drugs as an homage to a Nordic lifestyle.

WOB Aquavit

WOB Aquavit – a new interpretation of Nordic delight

Drugs to enjoy – spirits for dizzy heights. With the Aquavit Wolfram Ortner convincingly abides by his slogan. With respect for tradition, a lot of experience and sure instinct, he has developed a completely new aroma concept – naturally not missing the „theme“. The WOB Aquavit bears Wolfram Ortner’s signature – a classic has arrived in the future.

WSA 2015

Destillerie Wolfram Ortner: More than 25 years of pure pleasure from the Carinthian Nock-Land region

In 1989, Wolfram Ortner planted the highest vineyard on Carinthian soil at 1,000 metres above sea level. To be able to have a product available for his vineyard investors right from the beginning, he began with the production of fine distillates. This 'apology' became a profession, run with sporting ambition and the goal of continually improving the products to get as close as possible to the perfect 'spirit'. The pursuit of perfection and the extraordinary products have left their mark in the last 25 years: coffee or cigar distillates, essences, Parfum de Vie, Mariage (a blend of Nock-Land whisky and fruit distillates) or special 'drugs' such as Sin:it or Lav:it were invented by the tinkerer Ortner. The latter are highly concentrated alcohol-based flavourings, for long drinks or simply for straight pleasure. The latest taste bombs from the creativity workshop are WOB 24 Karat, a powerful fruit-wood composition, and WOBka, a vodka with a distinctive Nock-Land profile.

"In order to do something perfectly, you have to live it. Then everything works so much easier and the quality is right too." A clear statement which is reflected in the distinctive products. Wolfram Ortner's personal signature is evident in the WOB total work of art: from the concept to the creation and the craft. Elegance and functionality can be found, above all, in the striking 'square' glass bottle that he designed himself. Hand-blown bottles, kitchen and cellar accessories, as well as tools for aficionados are also on offer. His other artistic ambitions range from acrylic paintings in bold colours to stylish lamps and sculptures made from iron and wood.

Nock-Land Whisky Single Malt Double Matured

Nock-Land Whisky Single Malt double matured

The latest opus  from the Nock-Land manufacture, the NLW 2000, was aged a second time in Limousin barriques after "growing up". Namely according to the American model in burnt-out casks where the single malt was allowed to develop to its aromatic climax for another six years.

WOB Venti Anni Blue

Venti Anni Blue 1993: WOB the „Second“

With the Venti Anni 1992, Wolfram Ortner started a premium apple barrique series, so-to-say as a review of the development of the distillery in the Carinthian Nock-Land. It is about a vintage series for collectors and friends of noble distillates. The vintage as well as the „colour of the vintage“ and the strong-as-an-ox 48% alcohol are mentioned on the lable. They give the product a tremendous backbone but are still not disturbing.
The Venti Anni Blue 1993 is the second product of the series and is based on four different apple varieties which age in select barriques and as a result show the signature of the stillman.

Now online:

Now online: - the personal website of Wolfram Ortner.

On "WOBi-pedia" it is above all about private and personal things. Life, family, sport, art, design, memories and visions. The focus is on many photos as exciting contemporary documents. Downloads concerning the albums invite you to see for yourself.

PS: What else Wolfram Ortner has in his portfolio can be found at and!

WOB LE Serie

The WOB "LE" limited edition - a new glass design full of vim and vigour

Shapeliness and functionality - these are Wolfram Ortner's requirements of a successful glass design. Plus, of course, perfect craftsmanship and resistance to breaking. The trademark of his glass creations is their angular form, for which he, as the "father" of all similar glasses, is responsible.

Two new WOB limited edition glasses are coming on the market: the Malt LE and the Barrique LE - and they are bringing new momentum to the glass world with them. The angular shape in the "chimney" has been modified by a spirited line in the design.