Wolfram Ortner's new "drugs"

Wolfram Ortner's new "drugs": Breath-taking fragrance and design

Wolfram Ortner is seen as a trendsetter in the spirits industry – and rightly so. His product range reflects the authentic attitude of this "artist of life": from coffee and cigar distillates to essences, parfums de vie, perfumes and soaps. It goes without saying that this is all closely interlinked with intensive sensory training.

A special new addition has now joined the product spectrum: a "drugs range". To avoid any misunderstanding, it should be noted that this refers to the original meaning of the word: the drying of healing plants which have been processed to make them long-lasting and useful. These plants form the aromatic basis of the "big 4" from WOB: high-quality herbs and spices are produced according to traditional maceration and distillation processes, based on the natural instincts of the master distiller.