WOB Spirits

WOB Spirits

The charming variety of fruit brandies: the WOB brandies encompass everything from apples to plums, which are distilled with a lot of experience and using the most modern of technology.:

  • All WOB fruit brandies are from one specific vintage year.
  • The brandies of a single fruit reflect the fruit and aroma of their origin.
  • The cuvées are a modern variation of the traditional Obstler (fruit brandy).

'NockLand Whisky' made by Wolfram Ortner

He has already done so many things, this Ortner. Fruit brandies, cigar and coffee distillates, a fascinating glass design, the cigar cutter WOB-Varios and many other design pieces. But what makes the "Man from the Nock-Land" emulate the Scottish and Irish national drink now? Isn't the world already in danger of drowning in better or worse whisk(e)ys from Japan to America? As all distillates from the Bad Kleinkirchheim-based distillery, this Single Malt also bears the unmistakable hallmark of the master distiller. With the "WOB DÖ MALT" Wolfram Ortner has opened up a completely independent path. That is why this product will certainly find its enthusiasts among whisky friends who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

Evolution on the market of classy brandies

(R)Evolution on the market of classy brandies

At the WOB distillery, Wolfram Ortner tinkered with the production of the millennium brandy for ten years. At the tenth anniversary of the distillery in Bad Kleinkirchheim, this amazing guy will present at the turn of the millennium a perfect symphony of a barrique-stored apple brandy, called "Evolution", which however ranks as a revolution of a noble distillate.
Cigar-brandy culture of the WOB brand

Cigar-brandy culture of the WOB brand

A good glass of wine as a harmonious complement to a good meal has been a matter of fact for a long time. In exactly the same way, gourmets appreciate cigars with a congenial partner like cognac, whiskey, rum, brandy or port. Still relatively new to the aficionado are perfect cigar brandies. However, the honor of accompanying fine cigars is not nearly due to all the brandies that claim this just by high alcoholic content and the maturing in barrels. Something more is required for that.