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The winning formula of Wolfram Ortner's 4 WOB musketeers: stylish, elegant and powerful in taste.

When it comes to the quality of the spirits bottled by WOB Distillerie Wolfram Ortner in the "crisis year" of 2021, they are products across the board that truly deserve to be called "valuable."

Ortner started the distillery and barrique aging in 1989 and has perfected the skills over the past 31 years. The result is products of various categories - from rum to brandy to the classic plum distillate. And each reflects the signature and decades of experience of the master distiller.

WOB Destillerie Wolfram Ortner: Transition to new times

‘Handmade goods for finer living’ is a widely recognised slogan amongst those who enjoy the finer things in life: high-quality, handcrafted products are made at Wolfram Ortner’s distillery and coffee company in the Carinthian Nock-Land region. The products are available in the WOB shop there or online ( The ‘World Spirits’ brand has also been making waves, and its inclusive concept has certainly contributed to the improvement of international spirit culture. The latest additions are ‘World Spirits Tasting Videos’ for TV stations and YouTube.

Caribbean Festival by WOB: Wolfram Ortner launches two further Premium Rums

The rum boom started in the year 2016 at the WOB Distillery, namely with a white and a blond Light Rum. Altogether six different barrels were produced in the first year, depending on the stylistics of the fermentation and distillation.

Since July 2016 the products have been stored predominantly in Limousin oak barrels. Two barrels each of CS (Cask Strength with approx. 57% vol.) and PR (PR (Premium Rum with approx. 41% vol) will still come on the market in 2020, followed by a PR (Double Matured) in 2022. The friends of rum can already look forward to the following 2020 editions and naturally buy them online via the shop .

The ordering phase for the Edition 2021 of the T-shirts of the WSA Edition will start on the 20th November!

In 2020 a T-shirt of the „World Spirits Art Edition“ was launched for the first time. Now, with „Black Beauty“ this is to be continued: stylish with neon colours or plain with white printing. Design and hip slogans always aim at a certain target.

Authentic country concept:

  • Limoncello, grappa & pasta
  • The Queen & gin tonic rocks

World Spirits Award:

  • World Spirits Award (Champion)
  • Simply the best in spirits

Genie in and out of the bottle

  • Life is too short for bad spirits
  • Sex, Spirits & Rock’n Roll
  • Genie out of the bottle

These three series are extended each year with new attractive designs.

The T-shirts are woven with high quality organic cotton and are available in the sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and also 4XL at a unit price of 35.00 Euros. Online at or at the WOB Distillery in the Nock Land in Bad Kleinkirchheim where you can try them on and buy them.

WOBart is „wearable & affordable“

Wolfram Ortner is not only known for his spirits – insiders also appreciate his artworks, be they paintings, sculptures or installations. The limited T-shirt series with select works of art is new – each year three artworks adorn the premium T-shirts which are available in the sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and even 4XL. Aprons, bottle openers and writing utensils for friends of a sophisticated lifestyle are at choice at the shop or online.

Perfect summer freshness with the WOB Gin-Terzett

Gin and tonic is known and loved by everyone as an aperitif - as a refreshing drink and mood enhancer for the mature youth with taste.

The WOB Gi:in is a classic London Dry Gin with World-Spirits gold glitter - in a duet, of course, it needs a suitable partner from the tonic faction, and there are several of them.

Dear WOB Customers and Friends of Spirits,


a year that was anything but an ordinary one is coming to an end. For many it was a threat – healthwise or economically.

Currently, life is damn tough. Admittedly, we can’t „sweeten“ it but we can shapen it  a bit more „spiritual“.

And fortunately we still have such endearing and livable constants such as Christmas and New Year.

The „Nock-Land-Scape“ appears presently as a winter wonderland under a deep blue sky.

WOB-GTS: Supernatural Tonic Syrup

The gin flood during the last five years also triggered an enormous tonic wave where parallels to the different gin directions can be found. They could be regarded as the true companion of a New Western Style Gin or London Dry Gin. The quality of the products is also reflected as usual in the price - based loosely on the motto: „Whatever is cheap in not worth anything!“.

This development was reason enough for Wolfram Ortner to develop a gin tonic syrup. The idea behind it: a herb syrup with citrus and quinine which forms a perfect harmony with a London Dry Gin in a dilution of 1:7 or 1:8 respectively. This way pleasure without any rough edges is guaranteed!

30 Years WOB Distillery – an ingenious Story

A Review

In 1989 the whole fun started – the objective was to produce perfect distillates, set trends and leave milestones as recognisable WOB traces behind through innovation.

The story is widely known: distillates, drugs, coffee and cigar distillates, essences, Parfum de Vie etc. on the one hand – a creative realm of fascinating edgy glass design to the perfect ‚Café dö WOB’ on the other hand. The Ortner DNA is apparent in every single product – and concerning perfumes for example, also smellable.

VERMOUTH DÖ WOB – V20 is the Spell

„You can’t buy courage“ – but the brand new WOB Vermouth by Wolfram Ortner, however, as of now. But what is behind V20?

You do need a little courage: the colour of the unfiltered Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains is rather unusual ... but after the first swallow the impression will certainly change into fascination!

But one thing after the other:the letter „V“ stands for vermouth – the international designation for vermouth  - and the figure 20 for the alcohol content as well as the used botanicals. The basic wine is a Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains with a slight yeast note  - also known as „Sur Lie“.

Although the VERMOUTH DÖ WOB has only got 20 percent by volume, no sugar was added. And the basic wine was also aged bone-dry.

Sensory profile: daring interpretation of a classic vermouth. However with a lot of imagination and sure instinct. An exceptional aperitif on a Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains basis with a floral character and subtle herb and spice bouquet.

Are you brave enough to get addicted? Then you can purchase the V20 at or at our shop in Nock-Land!

Give away shopping vouchers

The Republic of WOB has got its own currency and vouchers respectively to buy precious WOB creations or WSA services. The stylish vouchers were designed by the banknote specialist Armin Waldhauser and are available worth EUR 50, 100, 200, and 500 on site at the Nock-Land shop or online at .

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