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WOB Drogen Serie

Wolfram Ortner's new "drugs": Breath-taking fragrance and design

Wolfram Ortner is seen as a trendsetter in the spirits industry – and rightly so. His product range reflects the authentic attitude of this "artist of life": from coffee and cigar distillates to essences, parfums de vie, perfumes and soaps. It goes without saying that this is all closely interlinked with intensive sensory training.

A special new addition has now joined the product spectrum: a "drugs range". To avoid any misunderstanding, it should be noted that this refers to the original meaning of the word: the drying of healing plants which have been processed to make them long-lasting and useful. These plants form the aromatic basis of the "big 4" from WOB: high-quality herbs and spices are produced according to traditional maceration and distillation processes, based on the natural instincts of the master distiller.

Staying true to the simple yet convincing philosophy "We only use the very best!", the attractive bottles in Ortner's "authentic design" convey a sense of pure lifestyle and life culture.

WOB London Dry Gin - (Tschi:in): Aromatic juniper berries from the Apennines packed in seeds, herbs and spices. Tracking down nature – enjoy WOB London Dry Gin pure or with a mixer. Cheers, Wolfram Ortner
0.5 l, 99 proof (49.5% vol.), vintage 2011 (sugar-free)

WOB Absinthe - (Äbs:in): Selected vermouth, fennel and aniseed form the delicately spiced basis for this drink.
Tracking down nature – trickle a flow of iced water through sugar cubes and enjoy the "green fairy". Salute, Wolfram Ortner
0.5 l, 99 proof (49.5% vol.), vintage 2011 (sugar-free)

WOB Anis - (Äni:is): Aniseed and star anise with delicate herbs and spices.
Tracking down nature – enjoy WOB Anis pure or dilute it with iced water and savour every last sip. Santé, Wolfram Ortner
0.5 l, 99 proof (49.5% vol.), Vintage 2011 (sugar-free)

WOB Red Bitter - (Red:bi): A bitter bouquet of natural herbs and spices forms the base note.
Tracking down nature – enjoy WOB Red Bitter pure, on the rocks, with soda or as a spritzer (with white wine) for a taste of summer in a glass. Prost, Wolfram Ortner
0.5 l, 55 proof (27.5% vol.), vintage 2011 (rounded off with sugar)

'The big 4' in a gift box: (WOB London Dry Gin, WOB Absinthe, WOB Anis and WOB Red Bitter.

In his “high-spirited” modern-day witch’s kitchen, Wolfram Ortner set out on a quest to create – by distillation and maceration – a particularly flavourful half bitter.

After many hours of painstaking attention to detail, using only selected herbs and spices, he finally succeeded in discovering – not the philosopher’s stone but his new ELIXIR DÖ WOB.

An explosion of scent and taste combining fresh top notes, an aromatic heart and mellow, warm base notes.

The bouquet ranges from cinnamon and cloves in the heart to peppermint, oranges and lemons in the top.

 WOB Elixir - Ell.ix (Ell:ix): A substance inspired by alchemists, although instead of trying to make gold, herbs and medicinal plants are distilled and macerated. The result is a true delight for connoisseurs: a fascinating blend of freshness and fire. United in a half bitter, citrus and peppermint form a harmonious balance with cinnamon and cloves.
0.5 l, 99 proof (49.5% vol.), vintage 2012.

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