The new natural aroma for cuisine: Parfum de Vie 71

Chefs use high quality distillates to flavour their dishes or as flavour enhancers. The distillate is set to 71 % vol. and offered together with a vaporiser and the same distillate with "standard" strength. Parfum de Vie opens up a whole new way of using fine spirits: in the kitchen or at the table, by the service personnel or the guest himself.

The use of spirits in cooking is nothing new - but the distillates normally chosen for these purposes are not always of high quality. This innovation is totally different: Special dishes are developed and then put on the scene with two leading actors - a highly spirited fruit essence and high-quality products. The products stand out with their harmonious sweetness. Cheap ham tastes salty, high-quality ham is rather sweet; the same is true for vegetable and fruit, such as tomatoes or grapes. The taste of fine fish or uncooked scampi is also sweet. One perfect combination could be the following: scampi are marinated in olive oil and decorated with grapes, a "Parfum de Vie" of grape spirit adds the aroma, and the whole dish is served with grape spirit in "standard" strength. Another variant: uncooked halibut filet with a slice of pear and "Parfum de Vie" pear or Williams.

The flavours - in this case in "spirited" form - are used to create harmony or to set a counterpoint. 100% distillates, high-quality spirits or even liquors can be used for flavouring. "Parfum de Vie" of clear distillates comes with 71 volume percent. There are two reasons for the high alcohol content: alcohol is a good aroma carrier, and the quantity of the distillate should be small to avoid diluting the texture of a sauce, for example. Barrique "Parfums de Vie" are bottled at 57 % vol.; liquors come in the original strength of the manufacturer, since they are mainly used for dressings, etc.

Practical use

The many possibilities offered by "Parfum de Vie" have to be tried and tested. Taste is something very personal, so that any recommendation or experience will always only be the "imaginative treasure of a culinary inventor". Creativity, fantasy and eagerness to experiment are called for - both in the kitchen and at the table!

  • Parfum de Vie used in cooking
  • Parfum de Vie as the cherry on the cake in service
  • Parfum de Vie in the vaporiser at the table - for individual refinement