New in the world of WOB

Today we would like to inform you about news in the "world of spirits" - with one click you can reach the current "WOB-News".

Wishing you much enjoyment in reading!

Dear WOB Customers and Friends of Spirits,


a year that was anything but an ordinary one is coming to an end. For many it was a threat – healthwise or economically.

Currently, life is damn tough. Admittedly, we can’t „sweeten“ it but we can shapen it  a bit more „spiritual“.

And fortunately we still have such endearing and livable constants such as Christmas and New Year.

The „Nock-Land-Scape“ appears presently as a winter wonderland under a deep blue sky.

But it hurts to see that tourists cannot take advantage of this hundred year winter.

Our willingness to achieve innovation is alive and kicking and we will keep sight of our objective: the best WOB Spirits.

Some of our products are brand-new: e.g. the Dark Rums and our Gin Tonic Supernatural Syrup.

More information can be found at this link: .

For the good cooperation during this difficult year we say once again

„Many Thanks!“

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hopefully a Happy New Year and a future without Corona.

Yours truly,

Wolfram Ortner