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Wolfram Ortner brings colors to life: Colors and edges in glass design

In 1991 the "father of the edgy glasses" brought the mouth-blown WOB Edel to the market. Since then, all the angular glasses, whether the ones for beer, wine or spirits, all made a rather visible shift toward the design from this life artist – both in terms of look and function.

In 2017 Ortner made another bold move and went “out withf the stem and in with the style” in terms of his glass design.

The WOB Coqtail is a tribute to the legendary tumbler - but with the typical corners and edges of the WOB glass design remain. Slightly stronger in the walls and on the bottom, the mouth-blown creation gives a characteristic tumbler feeling yet more functional. This is no ordinary glass – it’s colorful as well as tasteful. The WOB Coqtail is a perfect universal glass: great for any kind of cocktails, long drinks, beer, splashes, juices or simply water.

The mouth-blown WOB Acqua-Glass brings color and class to any given entertainment occasion: the two colorful stars are named WOB Acqua LV - Laguna Verde, while WOB Acqua BW stands for Blue Water. Its genetic make-up is a 1: 1 clone from the WOB Coqtail – except with a difference in the green and blue color as well as the somewhat thinner inflow of the crystal glass. The walls and bottom are thinner here than in the WOB Coqtail - the function is identical, so the Acqua glasses can also be used as a universal glass.

WOB Coqtail
The WOB Coqtail is a perfect crystal glass in the trendy WOB design with the typical corners and edges. It was conceived for cocktails, but also for drinks like Gin Tonic and the like. H = 16 cm
25,00 € per piece

WOB Acqua LV - Laguna Verde
The green WOB Acqua LV is a perfect crystal glass in the trendy WOB design with the typical corners and edges. It was conceived as universal glass - an eye-catcher and perfect for (silent) water and juices. H = 16 cm
29,00 € per piece

WOB Acqua BW - Bluewater
The blue WOB Acqua LV is a hand-blown crystal glass in trendy WOB design with the functional corners and edges. A universal glass with special strengths for alcoholic (sparkling) beverages. H = 16 cm
29,00 € per piece
Available now in the WOB shop located in Nock Region or in online shop on

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