WOB Mayflower: Courageous extravagance

Mayflower was the name of a sailing boat which transported the Pilgrim Fathers from the Midlands of England to America where they went in search of a better life. Mayflower is also the name given to a new perfume by Wolfram Ortner. The name not only describes the fresh spring fragrance of cedarwood, flowers and fruits. It also has a more sensuous meaning: Mayflower is intended to give people courage and motivate them to do new and better things – or simply something different.

WOB Mayflower - Unisex-Eau de Cologne
Natural perfumes
Manufacturer/brand: WOLFRAM ORTNER
Dilution category: Eau de Cologne
Concept/idea: Courageous extravagance
Quantity: 100 ml
Alcohol level: 90 % vol.

Available: www.wob-shop.com