Cigar-brandy culture of the WOB brand

A good glass of wine as a harmonious complement to a good meal has been a matter of fact for a long time. In exactly the same way, gourmets appreciate cigars with a congenial partner like cognac, whiskey, rum, brandy or port. Still relatively new to the aficionado are perfect cigar brandies. However, the honor of accompanying fine cigars is not nearly due to all the brandies that claim this just by high alcoholic content and the maturing in barrels. Something more is required for that.

Wolfram Ortner only uses those types of fruit and/or basic materials which, by maturing in Limousin-barriques, result in a special charming harmony of fruit and wood: the variety extends from the fragrant orange blossom muscatel, the classic plum, a full-of-character apple cuvée from Carinthian varieties, up to the Hirter bock beer brandy. The mash is, after the temperature-regulated fermentation, distilled either by the rough-and-fine distillation procedure, or by the column distillation procedure. After that the brandies mature in 225 liter barrels, till the secondary aromas fully develop. The result is special brandies with somewhat less than 50% vol., which captivate not only aficionados with their harmony, elegance and uniqueness, but also the coffee gourmet.

As the ultimate completion to his series, Wolfram Ortner has created for the turn of the millennium the "WOB Evolution" which is limited to only 350 bottles. This innovative brandy is a symphony of apples which were matured in the Limousin wood into a "perfume".

"The big five" from the Ortner company are impressive examples of how different cigar liquors can be according to ideas and conceptions, yet still meet all expectations which connoisseurs are placing on such brandies: the maturity, density, complexity and character.

Wolfram Ortner has also dedicated a special WOB glass from his series to cigar brandies. The malt is ideally enjoyed in the WOB Whiskey glass and all the other brandies in the WOB Cognac glass, in which the harmony of fruit and wood is expressed especially well.

WOB-Evolution apple brandy barrique

Selected domestic apple varieties from the Carinthian Lavanttal valley are carefully distilled and matured in the Limousin-barriques. The fine interplay of the scents of vanilla, caramel and coffee, and the complex, intricate and deeply fruity taste structure, in connection with a unusual, opulent candy tone all result in a brandy with style and class. This edition of this refined brandy is limited to 350 bottles.

WOB DÖ FLEUR grape brandy barrique

This brandy is a charming grapey escapade in orange blossom muscatels. It serves as proof that sensitive fruit in a highly ripe form and specific maturing is also the most suitable to harmoniously accompany the pleasure of smoking.

WOB DÖ MONTE apple brandy barrique

The cuvée from old Lavanttaler apple varieties unites the fully mature fruit with abundance and potential. Tender touches of coffee and caramel represent the harmoniously integrated woodsy tone which gives the brandy a very forceful character.

WOB DÖ DAVI  plum brandy barrique

One of the few fruit varieties which is perfectly suitable for cigar brandies appears here in a perfect form: mature plums with sophisticated rosewood and marzipan tones and smoky-tender herbal sweetness. A brandy where power is packed in elegance.

WOB-Havanna DC

However, in the WOB glass series aficionados can find even more accessories which are both optically and functionally impressive: the WOB Havana - a "thinking", handblown ashtray for cigar lovers, which is already well known: the cigar's speed of burning can be optionally reduced or sped up with the adjustable timing ring. In the spring of 1999, the WOB Havana DC came onto the market - "DC" stands for "Double Corona". This is the newest creation, intended for bigger cigar sizes. Cutters, lighters, handmade etuis from the finest leather and humidors complete the pleasure of smoking - upon request, artistically designed jewelery is also available.