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Varios. A necessity for cigar friends

"Newly forged" – a few days ago an innovative product left the WOB design workshop. With it the extensive offer of accessories for cigar aficionados has been expanded with an object of a special kind: the WOB-Varios Cigar Cutter.

The packaging is ingenious: a reusable cigar case of metal.Once the WOB-Varios is unpacked, it is immediately available for individual filling. This "object" is valuable and beautiful in form: light - aluminum and high-grade steel are used; convenient - square with round-off corners; practical – with an inlaid hooking device; elegant in its black anodized case; and also exclusive, being numbered consecutively. The design is also personal: the surface can be engraved, whereby the manufacturing in the traditional Ferlach workshop speaks for the quality of execution. The interior is also new: the twofold benefit – both as a cutter and a cigar drill - makes the WOB-Varios universally usable. The cigar drills, with diameters of 6, 9 and 12 mm, are also suitable for reducing nicotine concentration in Robustos through their large-surface drilling. The cutting edge incorporated in the interior of the cutter guarantees a clean, smooth, double-sided cut. The micro-blasted high-grade steel makes the two tools almost infinitely durable.

Every year there is a "Limited Edition" with only 100 specimens of the WOB-Varios introduced for cigar-lovers and collectors who love something special.

Since the WOB-Varios comes equipped with a device for fastening, there are also three attractive chains offered, so the "masterpiece" will not be lost.

Wolfram Ortners' WOB-Varios is available directly from the WOB.

Special-Designs from Ferlach

The design is also very personal: The face-side can be engraved if desired - whereby the manufacturing in the traditional workshop of Ferlach speaks for the quality of its execution.

The following individual design options are offered to the aficionado:

Themes for engraving: golf, sailing, fishing, hunting, riding, cigars, ballooning.

Zodiac signs: simple engravings with the sign of your choice.

Ornaments: motives reminiscent of the Incas.

Lady-Varios: The well-known Carinthian goldsmith artist Walter Petodnig is responsible for the precious design of the ladies' cutter. Gems adorn the surface of the cutter and turn it into a piece of jewelery.

Varios de Luxe: Since luxury has no limits, Wolfram Ortner offers the Varios in a steel version, which is enriched with Ferlach's engraving work of the highest quality. The motives are formed according to individual wishes and are true masterpieces from the world capital of gunsmiths.

Luxury also has its price. The engravings are computed according to the work involved. Of course we can indicate comparative prices.

Technical details about the Varios

Drill: cigar drills of 6, 9 and 13 mm diameter – made of micro-blasted high-grade steel.

Sharpening: Flat, extremely sharp, micro-blasted high-grade steel sharpening.

Guillotine: The cutting muff of high-grade steel incorporated into the cutter and the micro-blasted high-grade steel knife sharpened in U-form functions as a guillotine with a double cutting edge.

Numbering: The continuous production numbers are engraved onto the cutting surfaces of the Varios.

Body: If required, the cutter can be opened for sharpening of the drills and the knives (take care that no parts are lost!).

Packaging: The Varios is delivered in an elegant metal case which can afterwards be used as a cigar case.

Back opening: Through the aperture, dried tobacco particles are being discarded so that the function of the cutter is not impaired.

Hitch: A fastening device for chains, etc. (we offer chains in a variety of styles) is incorporated into the cutter.

One Piece of Jewelery Rarely Comes Alone

The WOB-Varios is the only cigar cutter with a double benefit: it is both a guillotine and a drill in one. This brilliant accessory for aficionados can now also come "on a chain".

The WOB-Varios comes with a chain that can be attached to the belt loop by a hook.

The well-known Carinthian goldsmith Walter Petodnig has designed three solid silver chains for the Varios that make the cutter into a real piece of jewelery. The WOB logo in the form of a cast rhomboid is incorporated into the chain - a heavy snap link is provided for attaching the chain at the belt loop and an elegant watch snap link attaches the chain to the Varios. The Varios chains are made even more exclusive with a rhomboid out of gold.

The WOB-Varios can be ordered with a special ring - otherwise, a ring must be incorporated into the hook by a jeweler.


Sales and information:

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Untertscherner Weg 3, A-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim,
Phone: 04240-760, Fax 04240-760-50,
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