WOB-VARIOS "Alpha": Handcrafted Multi-Functional Cigar-Cutter

The handmade WOB Varios "Alpha" is the only cigar cutter with a double function: a guillotine and multi-drill at the same time. The consecutive numbering of this cigar cutter emphasizes its exclusivness.

+ gold-Plated brass

+ The body is connected with screws

+ guillotine & drills of high-grade steel

+ The packaging is ingenious:

a reusable cigar-case of metal

+ A fastening device for chains

is incorported in the cutter

+ opening for tobacco remainders

+ Guillotine & drill

+ Handmade

+ 6, 9 +13 mm drills

+ Extremly sharp


Technical details about the Varios

Packaging: The Varios is delivered in an elegant metal

case which can afterwards be used as a cigar case.

Numbering: The continuous production numbers are

engraved onto the cutting surfaces of the Varios.

Body: If required, the cutter can be opened for

sharpening of the drills and the knives

(take care that no parts are lost!).

Drill: cigar drills of 6, 9 and 13 mm diameter – made of micro-blasted high-grade steel.

Sharpening: Flat, extremely sharp, micro-blasted high-grade steel sharpening.

Guillotine: The cutting muff of high-grade steel incorporated into the cutter and the micro-blasted high-grade steel knife sharpened in U-form functions as a guillotine with a double cutting edge.

Back opening: Through the aperture, dried tobacco particles are being discarded so that the function of the cutter is not impaired.

Hitch: A fastening device for chains, etc. (we offer chains in a variety of styles) is incorporated into the cutter.


Sales and information:

Wolfram Ortner, Destillerie & Café-Manufactur
Untertscherner Weg 3, A-9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim,
Phone: 04240-760, Fax 04240-760-50, E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Internet: www.wob.at