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Inside World-Spirits: is the brand new video platform for spirits enthusiasts

Servus to "Inside World-Spirits" - the slogan "Simply the Best in Spirits" is much more than just words for us - we live and love spirits of the world!

Target group:

  • Spirits enthusiasts
  • Training and academy participants
  • Further education for professionals: Distillers, restaurateurs, buyers and ambassadors
  • The curious who still want to be convinced
  • Those who are interested in having their finger on the pulse and being one step ahead in the world of spirits

The content of the channel spans a wide range of topics, from technical information and helpful tips to the melodious sound of the World of Spirits. categories:

  • World-Spirits Shots: Short & sweet - spirits-news with esprit
  • Inside World-Spirits: The flagship of spirits information
  • The Sound of World-Spirits: How the World of Spirits sounds - by Humus
  • World-Spirits Trailer: The crisp essence that creates a desire for more

This is what we offer you every week, streamed in German and English - free of charge.

Topics to dip into:

  • The difference between white, red and black currant
  • The grape: Grape spirit - Yeast spirit - Brandy
  • Variety of anise based spirits of the world
  • How to taste and savour spirits correctly
  • Spirits glass test
  • Crossover: Spirits and cheese, tea, chocolate, cigars ...
  • Spirits: Storage and drinking temperature

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