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The DNA traces back to the Caribbeans - Wolfram Ortner’s finger prints are all over this premium rum

After high-quality fruit distillates, whisky and elixirs, the tinkerer from the Nock Land has now ventured into the rum production. The DNA of this ambitious molasses project traces back to the Caribbean, but the birthplace of the innovative rum trio remains Carinthia.

But there is more than meets the eye
"Rum that availably exists on the market would be for me an unnecessary venture." - Ortner made that clear from the beginning. Therefore he focused on different molasses, yeasts, and the possibilities of fermentation and distillation. Progress report began in July 2016: 10,000 liters of molasses were fermented with five different yeasts and then distilled. Two different alcohol levels were contemplated: the Dark Rum was distilled to a lower alcohol concentration on purpose to achieve richer aromas, where the White Rum as well as the Blonde Rum slightly higher, which brings it rather close to the characteristics of a "Light Rum".

And here is the outcome:

WOB B Rum - Blonde Rum 2016
Ortner's first rum - in his favorite color - blond - is a cane molasses product, a blend of five different Limousin barrique barrels. Fine rum-ester in the base, wrapped in wood-sweet aromas, with a refined black pepper in the head note. (41.5% vol, 0.5L)

WOB W Rum - White Rum 2016
A sugar cane molasses rum, which was stored in wooden barrels after a Caribbean model, and was again filtered to be white. The characteristics are self-explainatory by its density and wide range of aromas. The accents of a Light Rum makes it perfect as a soloist as well as for mixing. (37.5% vol, 0.5L)

WOB D Rum - Dark Rum 2016
A great concept - five completely independent batches of the production are matured in charred Limousin wooden barrels, then filled as a single barrel. As a single barrel 2016/1 to 2016/5, they are expected to go on sale beginning 2020 onwards.
The White Rum and the Blonde Rum were already bottled after one year of storage and are now available in the WOB shop in the Nock region or via online shop The Dark Rum is available for pre-orders since the "delivery" of the product takes about four to five years.

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